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they were walking the tracks to install automatic control guys devices and were struck and killed by a four man screw in a mince truck riding the rails in reverse. >> the electricity was turned off to allow the workers to do the work and to allow the truck to be on the tracks. and something very awful went wrong. and they were struck by this vehicle. >> ntsb lead investigator steve kleist says they are trying to determine if the two workers walking the tracks had any idea that truck, known as a high rail, was even in the area. >> the communication between the operations control center, and all of the employees involved is one of the critical elements that we're going to be including in our investigation. so that is something we will be pursuing. >> all four workers in the high rail truck have been interviewed and drug tested. investigators are also looking into conditions at the time of the accident. radio recordings of the crew, and safety protocols. >> at this point do you know if there are are special procedures you're supposed to do when you put it in reverse?
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>> that level of information has not yet been determined. >> reporter: all right. thanks to audrey barnes for that part of the story. this morning's accident created a nightmare for commuters. >> reporter: of course this morning it was very difficult for commuters now at the rockville station everything seems to be running as normal. but of course commuters this morning had to get on shuttle buses just to get to the metro at twin brook. we followed one man on his commute. i metrod down north and take a bus to my office. >> david barrish says he learned about this morning's delay when he arrived. >> there has been no information from metro to passengers. and i wish we had that. >> with rockville in shady grove metro stations shut down, passengers had to wait for shuttle buses. >> the line wrapped around the station at shady grove, early in the morning.
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>> the shuttle dropped passengers at twinbrook. >> there was an announcement about delays over the intercom, but it was not enough for barrish. >> i think a lot of commuters would appreciate more updates. >> passengers vented their frustrations. >> i am actually really late. had to call my boss this morning. >> people are dying on metro. and of course, it is a major inconvenience for a lot of people. >> safety of the passengers and workers need to be priority number one, and they haven't shown it to be. >> he then catches a bus. barrish arrives at work around 10:15. a half hour later than usual. >> a lot of people on the red line have been affected so i am sure there are a lot of others who -- who have been through the same thing. >> reporter: now there doesn't seem to be any delays at this time of night. the evening commute seems to be going just as planned. there are trains coming at the metro station here in rockville every few minutes. live in rock i will have,
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lindsay mastis, 9 news now and wusa, and >> this is the third deadly accident on metro rails in the last year. on june 22, nine people were killed in a train collision on the red line. in august a 63-year-old repair man died doing work on the orange line. last september a metro worker died after being hit by a train near national airport and just last month, an independent inspector was nearly hit by a train during an inspection. coming up at 6:00 we will hear from the wife of one of the workers killed today at that accident in metro. dc chancellor michelle ree is breaking her silence and explaining published comments that appear to be critical of more than 260 fired teachers. chris johnson reports reeves explanation hasn't calmed the fur roar over those -- furor over those remarks. >> reeves reportedly said she fired teachers who had sex with students, judge hits them or
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were chronically absent without authorization. but today in a letter, reeves seemed to back off that statement saying the examples i gave involved a small minority of the teachers who were terminated in the budget reduction. >> that broad statement ruined our reputation. you got rid of us you should have left us aalone. a veteran teacher at wilson senior high school was among the 266 teachers fired by rhee in her letter today, rhee said one fired teacher had been accused of sexual misconduct. that case is still pending. she explains that six terminated employees had been suspended for corporal punishment 'two of the fired employees had been awol on multiple occasions and several other employees had egregious time and attendance records. >> she's trying to clean up the record. the problem is that she slandered everyone. >> she sent a letter to the council chairman but school chancellor michelle rhee remains unavailable. they were spokesperson said she is too busy.
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>> 266 teachers who were riffed. that raises questions about every one of those 266 people. and then when you come back and say it was one person who was accused of sexual impropriety, ma about the other 265 teachers. and we don't know the facts fully about the one person. >> rhee said her comments were in the context of explaining the importance of considering teachers performance and not just seniority in deciding which teachers would be let good. bruce johnson 9 news now and d.c. council members barry brown and thomas are asking to see personnel records that back up rhee's explanation for the firing. we're also tracking an approaching winter storm that could drop a significant amount of snow on our area by the end of the week. you're putting pressure on me, aren't you? yes. >> we're looking at a california storm that will move ashore tonight that will track all the way across the southern part of the country and perhaps
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bring us snow, friday night, into saturday. that's kind of the timeframe. let's go to the computer. here's what we know. weekend storm, very, very cold. it will be all snow. precipitation type, not an issue. the only way it will miss is completely would be to slide south of us. that is a possibility still. heaviest snow south of town you folks in southern maryland always get gypped out, this could be a better storm for you. timeframe will be friday night into about noon on saturday. now the storm itself is just coming ashore in southern california producing rain from oakland down toward san diego and los angeles. and this is going to work its way across the southwest, and eventually get to the gulf of mexico, and spread some clouds our way friday and maybe some snow, friday night. for us tonight early rain or snowshower possible, colder low temperatures 26, to about 32. we will come back and check our live doppler 9,000, and we will look ahead to just how cold -- there is arctic air on the way. we will tell you how cold it is going to get. all right toker thank you. investigatorrize on the --
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all right topper thank you. investigators on the scene of a deadly house fire. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino has the latest. >> two people who lived at 5643hemming avenue did not make it out of this fire alive. >> these two crew members from american disposal services tried to help. but too much fire and smoke was coming from the house. [ speaking spanish ] he quickly alerted the neighbors who were sleeping. >> the first indication i had there was any problem next door is when the trash collectors knocked on our door -- banged on the door at 6:30. >> they stopped, knocked on all the doors on either side the house that was burning, the neighbors on either side. they warned them and tried to help and do something. >> 60 firefighters and an ems task force arrived. a close call for crews who fought the gas-fed fired from inside the of the house. >> the first floor collapsed
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around firefighters. it actually separated two of the crews, they were able to self extricate themselves. >> : fire investigators had been going in and out of the house, wearing protective equipment, to dig and find the point of origin of the fire. >> the crew members say they did their best. osec wayag says he wishes he could have done more to rescue the family from the burning home. in springfield, alex trevino, 9 news now and the victim's names are not being released until their relatives are notified. >> over the scene of a tanker truck leak in southern prince georges county. look at these pictures. investigators say the truck flipped over on airport road. a hazmat team was called to the scene. a 52-year-old man was taken to the hospital with some serious but nonlife threatening injuries. no word yet happen caused the accident, but what a mess. >> arrested man faces multiple weapons charges tonight. police say they found rifles, a
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grenade launcher and a night vision scope in loid whitson's new jersey motel room. his arrest came after reports that the 43-year-old was acting suspiciously in a convenience store in branchburg new jersey. police say they had to use pepper spray to sub zoo wood -- whitson. he was carrying a semiautomatic rifle. maps of the military facility were also found in his motel room. the man accused of killing aale graduate student pleaded not guilty today. raymond clark is accused of strangling annie le five days before her wedding. her body was found behind a wall of the yale medical research lab. investigators say clark had worked with le at the lab. an amber alert has been issued for a missing girl in oklahoma. this is the little girl. the girl's mother tonya hobb was found murdered sunday. aja johnson is believed to be with her mother's estranged husband lester hobb an ex- convict. they were seen together on start night. the amber alert has been issued
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in texas, california and oregon where hobb has relatives. we have breaking news in the search for a missing virginia tech student. you're looking at a live news conference in charlottesville where authorities just announced they believe they have found the remains of morgan harrington. she was last seen leaving a metallicca concert at the university of virginia three months ago. our dave statter has more on today's grim discovery. >> reporter: virginia state police have just said they are fairly confident the remains found today are that of morgan dana harrington. the virginia tech student missing since the fall. the remains have gone to the medical examiner's office in richmond. here is state police superintendent colonel steve flaherty. >> until we receive word from the results of that autopsy, we can't say with 100% certainty, that this is truly ms. harrington. however as i just said there were significant items of
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evidence that makes us confident that that that scientific procedure will confirm the id. >> the location where the remains were found is the anchorage farm off route 29. it is about/6 miles from the university of virginia camp. earlier today virginia state police asked the parents of morgan to coming to a police office in charlottesville from their home in roanoke. dan harrington said to one reporter this is a horrible day and told another the remains were likely his daughter. the farm owner david bass noticed what appeared to be a human skull in a remote part of the property on his tractor early this morning. his thought immediately was that it might be morgan harrington. a charlottesville tv station reported earlier today that it appeared to be a woman with -- blond hair. she had attended a metallicca concert on the university virginia campus, harrington was last seen hitchhiking near the arena. state police tell us that the area where they looked today
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found the remains was not on their area to search. it had not been an area of interest, until now. and now, state police have been all over that farm looking for additional clues. leslie? >> all right. thank you very much. dave statter. upper georgia avenue in northwest washington, is getting a face lift. mayor adrian fenty and other city leaders broke grounds on a revitalization project today. the plan is to create a restaurant district, and renovate storefronts along the area of georgia heavy between decatur street and eastern avenue. the economic picture in prince georges county is getting rosier with the opening of a new resort at national harbor. the wyndham vacation resort and time shares. they have sold about 75% of their rooms for next week's grand opening. officials say the resort is expected to bring in about $49 million to the region. the new rail line at dulles airport officially opened to the public today. it whisked passengers from the main terminal to concourses a,
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b and c. it replaces those mobile lounges that have been around since the airport opened in 1962. >> very important day. because it is a milestone. it is important day for the authority. it is an important day for the metropolitan washington region. and it is an important day for travelers. >> the train will eventually be available for the d concourse. the trip from the terminal to the concourse takes under two minutes. the underground tunnel and four mile train track was 8 years in the making at a cost of $1.5 billion. >> coming up a young boy who survived the earthquake arrives in our area to begin his new life with adoptive parents. >> the eve of the state of the union address. what the nation wants to hear and what the president will actually say. i'm joel brown at the white house. the stories coming up. but first, the u.s. government bans texting and driving by operators of large commercial trucks and buses. we will have a live report coming up next.
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we will go back to that breaking news we brought you at the top of the show tonight. the montgomery college campus in college park is no longer under lock down. as we told you earlier police got a call about a sexual assault on the campus. administrators put the school on lockdown while authorities searched for the suspect. we're told they are interviewing the alleged victim but a suspect is not in custody right now. we will continue to monitor this breaking news and we will bring you more information when it comes in, out of tacoma park let's talk stock now. they fell slightly today on wall street. the dow finished down 2 points to close at 10,194. the nasdaq dropped 7 and the s&p was down 4 points. gm says it has reached an agreement to sell its struggling saab automotive
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line. the small dutch luxury car maker spyker has agreed to buy them. a new federal ban on texting while driving takes effect today. bus and truck drivers caught sending or receiving messages on the road will now face steep fines. janet choi joins us from a new jersey truck stop with more details. >> good afternoon. this -- it is really simple. if you're caught driving an interstate vehicle over 10,000 pounds, -- if you're -- caught texting while you're driving, then you could face a big fine. and that law is effective immediately. >> haven little has been driving a truck for 30 years. and he sees a growing danger. >> i see people texting, young people texting going down the road. and i think it is very hazardous. >> reporter: the new york native says it is particularly important for truckers to keep their eyes on the road. because the big heavy rigs need
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more time to stop. >> if we didn't concentrate, we would cause a lot of trouble out here. >> nearly 6,000 people died in accidents with distracted drivers in 2008. officials are hoping a new ban on texting for bus and truck drivers will make the roads safer. drivers caught texting, face fines up to $2,750. >> we don't merely expect you to share the road responsibly with other travelers, we will require you to do so. >> reporter: none of the truckers i spoke to admitted to texting while driving. they said there is just too much going on inside of an 18- wheeler to risk it. >> texting is like typing to me. and, you know, if you want to type, you ought to be a secretary. >> 19 states in the district of columbia have already made it illegal for anyone to text while driving. now there is a push to get more states to do the same. >> you can't be safe while you drive if you're pecking away at your blackberry. plain and simple. >> the bill in congress would
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cut federal highway $ by 25% to states that don't enact bans. that same strategy prompted most states to raise the drinking age. >> now most of the truckers we spoke to agree with this law. they also agree that the problem may be enforcement. as you can imagine, it is not the easiest thing to look into the cabin of a truck while it is driving 55 miles an hour. in richfield new jersey, janet choi back to you. thanks for that. coming up at 5:45 a tracking program designed to keep your teen focused on the road. it is a new approach to keep them and others safe behind the wheel. we will show you how it works in living smart. after a 10 year decline the nation's teen pregnancy rape seemed to go up for the first time in 2006. according to a new report the overall teen pregnancy rate jumped 3%. the birth rate increased 4%. and abortions rose 1%. some researchers blame the increase of -- on same-sex education programs that focus
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only on encouraging abstinence and not on contraceptive use. tayshawn is leaving the national zoo february 4. the popular young panda will be shipped to panda with a 3-year- old panda from the atlanta zoo. he had been one of the biggest attractions at the zoo since his birth in 2005. his parents will remain here. and february 3rd will be the last full day. that's next week for visitors to see ti shon. >> there is a party this saturday. >> we remember when he was a little butter steak. >> i know. that was his nickname. >> i know. >> they will have a party there this saturday. >> it will be cold i tell you that. the trend are taking the storm father south. if you don't want snow that's a good thing. >> okay. >> but i do want to talk about the flooding we had yesterday. this was actually a pretty good shot. this sort of -- you know, shows the powers of flash flooding. this will go down in 45
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minutes. this is the shenandoah river. . yesterday because of the strong winds and high heavy rain, they had about 3 inches of rain. we only had about an inch in town. >> send us your best shot. go to our web site,, click on the weather tab. follow the drop down menu. you will seal submit best shot. please include your name, town, location and a brief description if you would. okay. next three days look like this. 43 tomorrow. clouds to finish. thursday a cold front goes through. ahead of it will be slightly milder. rain or snowshower possible and friday clouds on the increase. highs around 30. we could see light snow by evening on friday. >> tonight, early rain or snowshower possible. colder. temperatures 26 to 32. winds northwesterly at about 10. let me show you live doppler. you can access this via the web at also check out our interactive radar. mainly rain, south of town. a little snow towards i-81. there are advisories in the mountains for some snow
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tonight, and early tomorrow. we will zoom in to the south of town, around alexanderria, clinic, brandywine. we will put this into motion in the next hour. we see he everything pushing off to the east northeast running south of shady side and weakening in intensity. back to the computer we go and talk about lows tonight. colder than it hack but not that cold for january. 27 in great falls. 29 in silver spring. upper 20s in bowie. upper 20s in upper marlboro and 30 in oxen hill. tomorrow morning colder. 20s and 30s. winds west northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and chilly. some high clouds come in late. high temps low forties. that's right on the money for average. winds southwesterly at 10. satellite picture radar combined. we will take you out west first because this will be the storm that is moving ashore in between oakland and los angeles. producing some pretty good rains there and a little snow in the mountains just north of l.a.. it will work its way across the
5:22 pm
southern tier, and eventually throw clouds our way but again the trend are, keeping it further south and we're on the very northern edge of the fringe of the precipitation. >> again, rain or snowshowers tonight and certainly snow, out in the mountains. next seven days 43 tomorrow. upper 40s thursday. rain or snowshower, possibly snow friday into saturday. only 30 on friday. 26 on saturday. arctic blast. 31 on sunday. back to 40 on monday. and we could see rain or snow again tuesday, either by evening, or tuesday night with highs again around 40. >> okay. can we just kind of block that arctic blast? >> we would like to. that is coming no matter what. >> no matter what. >> it is the snow thing. >> okay. >> okay? >> coming up, a police chase end at a las vegas casino. plus, a plane makes an emery golf course. more on this story when we come right back. if you've had a heart attack
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ask your doctor about plavix. protection that helps save lives. people with stomach ulcers or other conditions that cause bleeding should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk, so tell your doctor when planning surgery. certain genetic factors and some medicines, such as prilosec, may affect how plavix works. tell your doctor all the medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur.
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i am peggy fox with moms like the web site working to improve
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the lives of local moms. this wednesday morning you're invited to help the people of haiti. we're making emergency health kits with soap, toothpaste and more. deis on what to do and where to go are on hope to see you wednesday. two suspected car thieves are under arrest after a wild chase through las vegas this morning. investigators say police were checking out a report of an auto break-in when the driver took off. the vehicle sped through red lights and then went on the wrong side of the wrong way. the chase ended in a casino parking lot where a man and woman were taken into custody. and the pilot of a small plane had to -- was forced into a -- was forced to land his air craft on the 11th hole of a houston golf course last night. air traffic controllers tried to help brandon ford make it to the airport but then he had to change course when it became obvious he just was not going to make it. >> they have a wonderful golf course here. it is very smooth fairways and nice place to land your plane if you had to land short. >> one golfer on the course took cover when he saw the
5:27 pm
plane heading his way. the pilot believes he simply ran out of gas. >> it is all about the economy. coming up next a preview of president obama's state of the union address. a northern virginia couple's dream comes true and a little haitian boy gets a new life in america. i am peggy fox. the story coming up.
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welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. metro says evening rush hour service is back to normal own the red line following a deadly accident this morning. two metro workers 49-year-old jeff gerard and 68-year-old sung oh died after being struck by a maintenance truck near the rockville station. dc school chancellor michelle rhee says only one of the 266 teachers laid off in october was accused of sexual misconduct. city leaders demanded an explanation from rhee after she told a magazine she fired teach here's had sex with students, hit them or were chronically absent. virginia state police say a preliminary investigation indicates skeletal remains on a remote farm are those of morgan harrington. the 20-year-old virginia tech student disappeared while attending a metallicca concert
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in charlottesville last october. president obama's state of the union speech will focus largely on jobs. and the american economy. today, his administration announced he will call for a freeze on some government spending in order to fight the soaring federal deficit. joel brown has a preview of tomorrow night's address from the white house. >> reporter: president obama still putting the finishing touches on wednesday night's state of the union. but many people already know what they want to hear. >> oh, jobs. without jobs, i mean, it's -- the middle class can't survive. >> deficit reduction would be a great thing. stop spending the money. >> money has been put into the system but we haven't seen any progress. >> reporter: with jobs and the economy topping the nation's list of concerns, the president plans to use the speech to reconnect with the middle class. spelling out new initiatives like child care tax breaks and student loan deferments. but with a budget deficit now estimated to hit $1.3 trillion, the administration is making some modest plans to rein in
5:32 pm
spending. in his address, the president will call on congress to impose a three-year freeze on many government programs. the white house says that will trim about $250 billion from the deficit. and signal that it is serious about washington belt tightening. >> we have to get our fiscal house in order. we have to take and continue to take the steps necessary to do that. >> republicans are skeptical. they want the administration to do more. >> americans are angry. and they are worried. they are angry about the spending. and they are worried about their children's futures. >> reporter: but no one wants cuts in military spending. or popular programs like social security. so the president must find the balance between what he can cut and the growing deficit. he will layout that plan wednesday night. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. two police officers credited with stopping last year's shooting rampage at fort hood will be the first lady's guests at the state of the union. sergeants kimberly munley and
5:33 pm
mark todd will watch the address with michelle obama in the gallery overlooking the house floor. we will bring you the president's state of the union address live tomorrow night beginning at 9:00. this will be followed by the republican response from virginia governor bob mcdonald. and we will have reaction on 9 news now at 11. turning now to the earthquake in haiti. the state department says the number of confirmed u.s. deaths now stands at 97. but about 4,000 students remain unaccounted for. an estimated 1 million people are now homeless. haiti's president is appealing for massive donations and plans are underway to build a tent city outside of port-au-prince. as for the relief effort, crowds continue to jostle for food being distributed near haiti's national palace. and at least one survivor describes the scene as anarcyh. a northern virginia couple's dream came true today. they arrived at dulles airport with their new son they have been trying to adopt from haiti for the past year. our peggy fox was there for the emotional reunion.
5:34 pm
with family and friends. >> liz and larry warren and 1- year-old sterly stepped off plain and into the arms of friends, aunts, uncles and thrilled grandparents. >> he's perfect. he's perfect. and we're just -- so at peace. just so thankful to all our friends and family who connected and found people to help us. and our military for taking us home. >> everybody was crying subsequent for sterly who seemed bewildered by his first day in the united states. plucked from his ruined homeland of haiti. >> miraculously where he was living, was untouched. in this little community, not a brick out of place. >> they have been trying to adopt him over the past year after finding him at an orffage build by park valley church in hay market where larry warren is a pastor. >> on tuesday when the second earthquake hit, it was 6.1. we were 80, 90 miles away. we felt it. it was at that point we said we
5:35 pm
have to do everything we can to get sterly home. >> we all have a strong faith in god and we knew he would get us through this. we had a lot of road blocks and bends in the road but each time god has been there, and god is true. this is a culmination of all of god's work. he's home, he's here. >> sterly's mom is only 14 and couldn't take care of him but the warrens will make sure he knows who his biological mother is and they plan to go back to haiti for regular visits. >> i am so thankful. i know there are a lot of parents who can't take their kids home. i just ask that our government please help the families. that are still at the embassy crying like i am -- >> at dulles airport, peggy fox, 9 news now and what a story. the warrens say the haitian government needs to expedite adoptions already in process. actor john travolta and his wife kelly preston are trying to make a difference in haiti.
5:36 pm
they loaded up their private jet with relief supplies and flew to port-au-prince. the actor compared the situation to new orleans following hurricane katrina. >> we were there right away, with this airplane. we have the ability and the means to do this. >> the travoltas delivered four tons of ready to eat rations and medical supplies for earthquake victims. for more information about how you can help with the relief effort in haiti, log on to our web site, and click on the earthquake relief link. it is right at the top of our home page. coming up, u.s. olympic figure skater nancy kerrigan find herself in the middle of another strange assault case. this time her father is dead and her brother under arrest. details up next
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i'm howard bernstein with your living green tip of the day. before you put that in the recycling bin recycle it yourself. the average american consumes 7 hundred pounds of paper a year. if it is blank on one side it is still good. anything that fits in your printer use it. if you want to use the paper in a more creative way, many do it yourself web sites offer instructions on how to make journals out of the used paper. and take this tip to work and make your boss happy by saving them money as well. you can get more tips at just click on living green. tonight, a brother of ice skating icon nancy kerrigan is charged with assaulting their 70-year-old father who died over the weekend. 45-year-old marker began is undergoing a court ordered mental evaluation at a boston
5:40 pm
area hospital. family members say a heart attack killed daniel kerrigan not the scuffle with his son. officials say the younger kerrigan was confrontational when police approached him. >> did not comply with their orders and they had to subdue him with pepper spray. he had to be forcibly removed from the home. >> marker began was just released from prison for serving two years. an autopsy is being done to determine how daniel kerrigan died. after a hasty decision, the winner, justin timberlake. the grammy award-winning singer song writer actor and producer was named harvard's hasty pudding man of the year. cited as one of the most influential entertainers. he will pick up the award at a roast on february 5. earlier this month anne hathaway was named tasty pudding woman of the year. coming up a new museum dedicated to abba and a new musical about the collapse of enron. what a laugh riot. but first a new high tech approach to keeping teens and other drivers focused on the
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roads. we will show you how it works in living smart. lesli it is tuesday. time for the latest installment of the good, the bad and the ugly. tonight the sartorial splendor of john daly. and the bob sled hope -- hopeful whose training run turned out to be breezier than expected. we will have the information for you in 9 minutes. we have breezes and cold air. we will take you out with live doppler 9,000. we have rain and snowshowers still around parts of the metro area, 270 towards frederick and down 95. as you go down towards fredericksburg and woodbridge. we will come back and talk about when that stuff moves out and also talk about the possibility of snow over the weekend. i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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(announcer) new icy hot no mess applicator. wherever you hurt. it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain, no mess. the insurance institute for highway safety says one offeree five licensed 16-year-old drivers will be in a car crash. but what if you could pay $50 a month to make sure your teen drives safely when they get behind the wheel. in tonight's consumer alert we tell you how a back seat guardian helps put parents at
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ease, and keeps teens safe on the road. shocked and then inspired after she saw a driver nearly cause an accident while riding along with her mom. >> that's not right. she really should not have done that. she should really have a sticker on her car that tells her how she is doing. >> we said, what a great idea. why didn't we think of that? back seat guardian was formed at the jacob house that very night. >> our bumper stickers are tied to license plate numbers. >> for a yearly fee you get a bumper sticker for your car with a phone number and an e- mail address for anyone to report a reckless driver's license plate. the car's owner gets the complaint delivered to their e- mail. it is a community-based program. it is kind of like a neighborhood watch. >> where lan that points out you can send the car's owner a heads up about the person who is driving dangerously. >> you should dry to teach them a little better and they might be too young to drive.
5:46 pm
>> is big brother watching? parent tracy avenell says not a big deal. >> nowadays i think it is worth it. definitely worth it. you see a lot of crazy drivers. parents would probably want to know. >> $50 a year, $4 a month. that's about the price of a latte. >> getting a brand new business off the ground has been both fun and a challenge to hannah and her mom. >> the most interesting thing is that i created it, and it is something that she loved and she wanted to put into action. >> even the co-founder has had a sticker on her suv for two months. >> and i have had no reports. yet. >> now safety experts say this is a nationwide program. it is also a good tool for aging seniors or people who might have a medical condition that could possibly impair their driving. for more information on the program go to our web site, and click on living smart. mama mia. fans are flocking to abba world. we're not making this up. the swedish pop group abba is the subject of a theme park
5:47 pm
opening in london. it tells the band's story in 25 rooms with costumes and other memorabilia from the 70s super star group. they sold more than 400 million records and spawned a hugely successful stage and film musical hit mama mia. >> i guess i shouldn't scoff. there is fear, joy, faith, hope and the greatest of these, is money. >> london is also the site of an unlikely musical. yes, the enron scandal. this is called "enron, the musical, money makes the world go round." and the show covers the events in 2001 that led to the u.s. energy giant filing for bankruptcy and the financial scandal that ensued. after its run in london, the enron musical is scheduled to come to broadway. >> hmmm.... 9 news now at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. in an emotional interview the window -- widow of one of the metro workers killed this morning talks about the tragic end to her husband's life.
5:48 pm
plus, a teen falls asleep while texting and is burned by her cell phone. plus, these 3,000 people are sending a clear message to lawmakers in washington. they need jobs now. more on this story coming up tonight at 6:00. and you have been watching winter weather coming our way. >> i have. and the trend again is south. so that's a couple -- couple things here. if you live in southern maryland, we often talk about you know it is going north or west of you. it could be good for you. but if you live north or west of town you may not see anything. we will keep you posted. the cold air is going to be here. there is no stopping the cold air. it will get some kind of cold over the weekend. your forecast first now the next three days chilly tomorrow but actually, dead on average for this time of year. low 40s. few clouds come in late. weak cold front goes through thursday. that could give us rain or snowshower but it will usher in the arctic air more importantly. only 30 for a high on friday, and a little snow possible by evening or early friday night. we will just see how much moisture can get up here, how much is suppressed to the south. tonight generation early
5:49 pm
rain or snowshower possible. colder. low temps 26 to 32. let me show you live doppler 9,000. again you can access this on the web at also check out our interactive radar. that's pretty cool as well. we're looking at activity to the north. this is more in the form of some snowshowers. rain showers down to the south. so if you go up frederick, past frederick towards middle down before you get to hagerstown you will see snowshowers. everything light, everything should be out of here in the next few hours. as we slowly get some drier air in here. in the meantime myersville, middle town, snow flakes going on up toward frederick. back to the computer we go. we will talk about temperatures tonight. a little colder right around freezing downtown. 27 in grape falls. 27 in bowie and 27 upper marlboro. right now fourth in gaithersburg. 41 in vienna. for tomorrow morning becoming partly cloudy, colder. 20s and 30s, and then by afternoon, partly cloudy and chilly, some high clouds come in late. type ofs in the low 40s.
5:50 pm
satellite picture radar combined. lots of snow in the mountains. advisories posted there. eventually we will see breaks in the clouds, and end to the showers. next seven days? 43 tomorrow. rain or snowshower on thursday and then the possibility of some snow friday night, into saturday. arctic blast is coming either way. 26 for high on saturday. 31 on sunday. we're back to 40 on monday and tuesday. and maybe another mix as we get into tuesday evening. or tuesday night. brrr. brrrrr rabbit! you know, we haven't seen a little gbu lately. >> we need a little. >> i have an installment for you. and i have two -- not one, two bob sledding highlights. i don't think i have ever even had one before. this is our weekly look at the excellent and not so excellent in the world of sports. my friends it is the good, the bad, the ugly for january 26. we start with the good. best way to make bob sledding more interesting. this is olympic gymnast shaun shawn johnson. she made a bet she could do a
5:51 pm
back flip over an on coming bob sled at 70 miles an hour. that is not a bet you want to lose. they didn't lose. she kind of nailed it. anybody think that is real? no. best shootout goal. detroit's todd vercuzzi, stops, spina ramma backwards. that is one of those moves if you try it you better make it. and he made it. that was pretty cool. best job saving on your cell phone bill. the clippers al thornton. he gets shoved into the scorer's table by brendan haywood and he picks up the phone while he's there he makes a call. he doesn't have rollover minutes so you have to save where you can. >> oh -- >> most creative use of a rear end. george's anil polynice. can't find anyone to inbound it to so he joints it off someone's butt and he goes up and -- that's a little shady but -- you got to protect your rear end. and worst spell check at the bob hope classic.
5:52 pm
pga star ricky fowler making his season debut. unfortunately his caddy's bib had his name misspelled, folwer -- but -- >> and sticking with golf. this is an on going thing. john daly's continuing effort to be the worst-dressed man in the history of clothes. i'm not sure which is worse. the argyle pants that are pretty bad or the-based blazer persh oh the blazer. >> oh the blazer. >> kind of an amish to bobby -- homage to bobby brady's pajamas. best way to avoid having a foul called on you, trip the ref. watch this hornet's julian wright running down court he place the guy out. you know how jay-z sings in new york, i could trip a referee -- i think he was listening to that song in the pregame. go to the ugly. worst free throw. this is golden state's andris beedran. he doesn't just air ball. it is from behind him so it
5:53 pm
maybe hard to get the perspective. he misses by like 3 feet. by the way, i checked. he shoots 11% from the free throw line this year. >> he should work on that. >> you think? >> finally worst ventilation british bob sledder gillian cook getting ready for an olympic qualifying run. as she is about to push off at the start line she feels a -- a breeze, there -- >> oh my. >> on the ventilation -- >> but a in true olympic spirit she continued her run. >> of course. >> and she did crack the olympic lineup. >> you could not resist that. >> you did not! >> i don't even know what -- >> you could not even resist. >> a news anchor would never say that but a sports anchor can get away with it. >> particularly this one. >> are you taking out the stress in your life on your teeth? we have got warning signs and the best way to stop the grinding coming up. that is a -- that crack comment. >> don't -- >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. tonight's living well segment is next
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
okay. so many of us grind or clench our teeth at one point or another, however chronic teeth grinding, that can have serious and painful consequences. tonight in living well, putting a stop to the damage. rafael roman never paid much attention to the nagging pain in the back of his mouth until it got a lot worse. >> i was getting this pain going up and surging down, on my jaw. that was a constant grinding. even at night. >> if nothing is left done, then what will happen is these teeth will continue to get shorter and shorter. >> dr. gary ellenbogen is a cosmetic dentist in virginia. he says teeth grinding is problem and is a real problem when the enamel is worn through so much the patient hits the next surface called the dentin. >> these are dentinal tubeules that have a direct connection with the pulp that is the nerve
5:58 pm
of the tooth. >> the denyist says mouth guards are the best way to protect the teeth. he said one developed by dentists called nti prevents grinding and clenching and may relieve headaches. >> some dentists refer to it as a taco shell, okay? and it has this little element right here, which we call a discluding element. it only fits over the front fourth teeth. >> over the counter alternative called the dentech standard night guard will help protect and is easy to use. simply dip in water and mold to your teeth. however the soft plastic it is made of isn't as durable sours so you may need to buy a few. dr. ellen bogen says stay away from a new line of mouth guards with moveable adjustments. he says they won't help prevent grinding or wear and tear on the efamilyel. rafael needed porcelain veneers to realign his bite and he wears a mouth guard to protect
5:59 pm
his teeth. >> dentists say the common telltale ion signs that you're grinding your teeth if you wake up with sore facial muscles or have frequent headaches during the day. something to bring with up your doctor or dentist. thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts now. two metro workers were struck and killed on the tracks just north of the rockville station early this morning. by another metro maintenance crew. the national transportation safety board has been called in to investigate the accident. which brings the number of metro workers and passengers to die on the tracks to 13, since june. audrey barnes joins us with the latest from downtown. >> reporter: lesli, the ntsb will be looking at everything from lighting to track conditions at the time of the accident. they are also focusing on communications between two separate metro maintenance crews. one on foot, the other in a truck.

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